Friday, October 07, 2005

Rant, rant, eat a plant

If the homos and the Jews ever team up to take over the world the homosexual Jew will be king.

This is what the bible warns us about.

This is what the Koran says. Beware the uprising of the Gay-Jew army. They will nosh on you while they put the kabosh on you. (Nosh is a gay term that means sushi.)

This is why they tried to kill Salmon Rusthee. He is a gay Jew who lives in England. We see you, Salmon. You Gay Jew you. Hiding in London England.

Here's a poem for the Salmon Rushtees.

Salmon Rushtees are not a fish
but instead is a Jew
infused with the gays
and Muhammod and Cat Stevens
want him dead and so do I
Poor Cat Stevens lost
his mind...fucking hippies

And here's a pome about England

London England
we see you hiding poor crazy
cat stevens and the sinner
Rushtees. Give him to us
so we may kill him
either one of them, frankly.