Friday, September 23, 2005

Sometimes Friday will look out for you if you look out for her

Several things, today:

Mermaids cannot reproduce because they don't have vaginas! I've seen them in pictures and I always look in the special place but their legs are welded together by some kind of scaley substance. Poor mermaids.

India has been coming on to me very hard the last several days. Asking for dates, offering hand jobs, but I keep saying no because I'm holding out for a certain country in Europe. Dear India, I'll sue you for sexual harassment if you keep this up.

Finally, the black people and the Mexicans need to move from their ghettos. I know they like it there, but seriously... there are drugs and violence that I've seen on the news. Black people and Mexicans...please move for your own safety.

Please rest, this weekend. Recover from this cold you're catching. Love yourself. Lots.