Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Geography for Retards (me)

Well, it finally happened...the Bush administration contacted me to write some jingles for them.

Apparently, they've been having a real hard time with the people from North Korea (where the Japs live). The North Koreans (who are the evil ones, unlike the well meaning southern Japs) have been trying to build nuclear bombs to shoot at America.

When I heard they were trying to shoot us nuclear style I waved my customary fee and offered to do it for free. I said, "Normally, Ho doesn't work for free. Today, Bushie...I'm free for America."

He wants a status report and I have to tell's not going well. I have a few slogans, but they're just not very catchy. Here they are:

1.) Hey, Japs...why don't you eat some sushi instead of messing with Texas?

2.) People don't like girls (Japs) who are good at math (making bombs).

3.) No nukes for gooks!

So I'm meeting with Condi in a few days to go over my progress. I hope she likes me. I really do.