Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fun Facts!

Of which there are three fun things about me that no one knows! I chose the number three because God loves the number very much. It is a holy number and it's why he had the holy ghost and Jesus brought into the world.

The Jews don't think it's a fun number, though, because they killed Jesus. Way to go, Jews. They prefer the number 666 because they have no souls! They are also very good at numbers and math which is why they are all rich!

Fact number 1: I'm actually an 8 year old black girl from Manitoba! My mom just found this site and is very angry and I may not be able to continue my writings. I know, we'll all be very sad for this. Yes, cry but not too much. Don't cry for me, Kentucky.

Fun fact number 2: I'm not really an 8 year old black girl from Manitoba but a convicted sex offender spending time in the Federal prison in Wyoming! I take my library breaks to blog on the internet! I'm also making a shiv out of Gulliver's Travels.

Fun fact number 3: The other night, I may have yelled into a crowded room of strangers, "Do you want to see my penis?" Of all the people in the room...there were no takers but I did offend someone's mom and brother!

Repent, Jew. God will love you, maybe another day.