Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bad News

Bad news? Try worst news ever. OMG the government is trying to shutdown the Stargate program! They are so greedy for power, you know that's why they're doing this thing.

Don't the senators understand that without SG-1 the Gooahhhooolds would invade earth and turn us into their thralls?

Tell them, Daniel Jackson! Explain to them the threat.

Tell them Teeullkh. Use that gold disk in the middle of your forehead and beam logic into their hearts!

Tell them, Samantha Carter! Explain to them how you guys stopped the Gooahhhooolds from taking over the earth that one time in every episode!

Tell them Colonel O'Neal. Tell them that it's a big mistake.

I am scared for humanity. I'm thinking of going to Colorado Springs to see if I can help with the big mess this crazy senator is making.