Monday, September 26, 2005

In with the new. Get the gone, old

I introduced my kids to their new step mom, this weekend, and she's a sex doll! Really, she finds that name offensive (sex doll) and would prefer to be called That Slut Tina or just Tina. Either way.

I got that Hustler model--the one who is always on her knees? The kids really liked that because she was eye level for them and she didn't intimidate them AT ALL.

Tina was very nervous meeting her new kids and was silent throughout which is ok. She shows her love in other ways.

The meeting went very well except when my oldest tried to put his finger into her mouth. I had to scold him. I said, "That's not for you, that mouth is for daddy."

Before you worry about me, I want you to know that she does tip back into the missionary position style (my favorite) and she does have a rubber vagina, not just a gaping maw.

That bitch better have dinner done when I get home.