Tuesday, October 04, 2005

315 is divisible by 3, everyone!

Well, I have another book review. I just finished the book Prey by Chrichton and boy am I nervous about science.

Guess what, everyone? Technology is scary and quickly gets out of hand! There were these dinosaurs that were hatched and then started screwing in the jungle and they got out of hand...no, wrong book, sorry.

I mean there was this virus that was engineered in a lab and it escaped and almost destroyed soci...no, wait. I mean there is this theme park and Yule Brenner goes batshit crazy and kills all the...no...shit, which Chrichton book did I read?

Oh, I remember. Nanobots! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So these nanobots are very dangerous! They will cover up your body and take over your mind and body functions! How do they take over your mind and body? As near as I can tell it's because they're sneaky nanobots that have some "rogue code" put "in there" to make them "do stuff!"

The book is very thin on how the nanobots actually take over your body but they can sting you. That's for sure. And they're very tiny. But in a pack they can really...take over your body...somehow.

The good news? They blow away in the wind. They hate wind! Run to the wind if they get on you and you'll be fine.

Hey, Chrichton--your name is hard to spell and you need a new theme. Please work on these two things.