Friday, October 21, 2005

Hacksaws don't suck but Sucksaws do

I think a fun variation of Quick, Pull my Finger would be to saw your finger until it was just barely hanging there, then when they pulled they'd be all, OH MY GOD!!!! And you'd sit there and laugh because what a great prank that would be!

The sad thing about that prank is that you could only play it 10 times...and toward the last time they'd probly figure out what you were going to do based on the fact that all your fingers were missing.

This reminds me that I was at the store the other day and the cashier only had a small nub for a finger.

I could tell that he wanted to rub his little disgusting nub all over my hand. I let him and was inwardly revolted but outwardly I smiled and said, "Thanks." Then inwardly I added...Nub-Boy.

Physical deformaties are disgusting but I think it's cool that grocery stores hire crippled retards.