Friday, October 28, 2005

Mister Pickles wears women's undies

Something has been wrong with me the last few days, I worry that I'm losing a big part of my better nature.

When I look at a woman, I no longer see an assortment of tits and ass. I no longer look at boobs and wonder what size the nipples are or if they are perky or sag. Not that I mind sagging boobs, I love all boobs. I'm a boobologist.

I no longer look at hips and see my hands on them, pulling that ass into me.

I'm a man who has lost his faith and now wonders what it is about the world that makes sense.

I now look at a woman and think to myself, she is a person just like you with dreams and hopes and is more than just an object of lust.

I hope I'm not developing some kind of retard disease. Or even worse...the homo disease.