Wednesday, November 02, 2005

She talks to weeds, she don't talk to me

I'm sorry for my brief hiatus. I think the Japs have finally caught up to me because I contracted the SARS. But enough of my poor health history, who cares about that. The thing for today is warning signs that you might be gay...or that your dad might be gay. Cause he is.

You tend to suck a lot of dick. Just once or twice can be written off to experimentation but consistent sucking is a sign.

You are a boy and your name is Jodi. All boys who are named Jodi are clearly homos. Don't try and get around it by saying, but my name is Jody. Still a homo, Jode.

You drive an SUV. Fags. All of them.

Your wife is in a persistently vegetative state and you don't regularly fuck her. This is also self-evident but there's a lot of retards out there who need to know this info.

One note about the persistently vegetative state has to be vaginally fucking. If you hit it in the ass every time... you're a homo.

All horse owners are fags--even if a horse was purchased for you and you intend to kill it. There was a scientific study about this one and also a fun video.

All of these apply only to men because women cannot be gay. When women are with other women that is sexual frolicking and they do it to stimulate the man's imagination.

Thanks, women. You do a lot for us.