Monday, November 14, 2005

A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing

The three new best words are fun, funny and fancy. If something can be described as being fun, funny and fancy then it will be deemed to be one of the fine things in life. I have considered adding fantastic to the list but I fear things that come in fours. The udders of a cow are often grouped in four. I think that makes my point.

Also, I'm tired of how self-important verbs are. They are all, I'm a verb, look at how pretty I am, you don't have shit without me.

Fuck you, verbs. You're ugly. And fat. I wish you had anorexia.

I'm thinking about trying to get along without verbs. Maybe just use helping verbs (which are pretty friendly) and adverbs... which are verbs' ugly cousins. No one knows what an adverb is.

I'm also thinking about avoiding the plural possessive. It's so clingy.