Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This is the week you can smell my stink

I'll bet a fun thing to do in space is to turn the lights down real low, just so you can see the stars in the distance and not much else in the cabin.

Then to strip down to just your whitest undershirt and your fanciest underpants, be they les blancs or the loose leisures is of no real consequence.

Then to furiously masturbate before the crew-mates come in, because it's not as lonely in space as you might imagine.

For the final step of the fun to holler out, "Quickly, come in here! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Then the laughter as they come into the dark room with your semen flying around the cabin randomly hitting their face and hands.

Oh, the giggles from you could be heard even to Mars. Even to Venus. Even, dare I say... Uranus.

Sadly it's a joke that would not be appreciated by all members involved. Unless you're in space with the homos. They love the rare bit of spunk on the tip of the nose. I'm told.