Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Is that a Koran in your pocket?

With a joy similar to the knowledge that I will never contract cervical cancer and need a gynecological oncologist I was notified of being a finalist of some BoB award.

I tell you this not so that you will vote for me but to bring up a terrible and tragic error in the scheme of events. Instead of being nominated as one of the best Gay/Bisexual blogs on the internet I was nominated as the best whore.

I don't need any award to assure me that I am the best whore on the internet. I am. I have charts and documents of science to prove it so don't bother voting for me. Vote for the other douchebags in my category, they likely need it.

But if you would do me a favor and please write me in for best gay blog or best Jew blog I'd really appreciate it. So would God. He told me with a lazer beam from heaven that went right into my eye and carved the smallest message of Truth.