Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bumbles bounce

My three favorite words in this order: vagina, angina and regina.

The first is self-evident. The other two I'm not so sure what they mean but they have a ring to them that fascinates me.

I wish there were such a word as hamgina. I would nosh at it regularly.

If a hamgina also served vodka that wouldn't be such a bad thing--but from the spigot, not the cup. Important distinction that bears mentioning.

Nice job, Jews. Nosh. That was a good word. Well done.

Also, nice job blacks for the word Kwanzaa, whatever the fuck that word means. I guess it's Kwanzaa as I type this. What a great holiday where people can sit around and... well, talk about how great it is to be black. I especially like the part where no presents are exchanged. That will make it very popular with the little ones. Yeah, that was a terrific brainstorm Dr. Maulana Karenga.

I hope to one day be a doctor and make a white Kwanzaa but I would call it...something else. You Mexicans should do the same thing.