Thursday, January 12, 2006

Plecostomus is love

It has been said to me recently that as a rule of law you cannot slander the dead and that is what makes me think of your mother, I suppose.

Your dead mother and how she reminds me of a plecostomus with her hungry fat lips always sucking at the dirtiest things and her wanderings on rocks and gravel and always the sucking and that lip that could use the smallest shave, not quite a man yet not quite a woman.

Further I am reminded of the starting slimness of her when life was new and her gradual leaning toward the obese and how much I loved that woman. Oh, how much I loved her in spite of her sucking ways and the pointless man who trailed in her wake.

God bless your dead mother and her too wide mouth and gentle, probing tongue and extra sharp teeth.