Friday, March 17, 2006

You have forced me to chew of the aluminum forest

Three things of dubious notation:

The king of the leprechaun army will be called leprekong.

The so-called alien invasion has been delayed several weeks.

I am going to donate my hair--my pubics. I have noted that all of the lasses in the pronos that come onto the television channels way up into the 500s never have pubes and they must be so embarrassed. I will give them mats from my lush garden and also supply the glue so they aren't so exposed to the elements.

Thirdly here is a grammar lesson.

Capitol is where the dicks go through that juicy donut of an O. All others go through the A. Where dicks should not go. See how easy it can be when you love reading and science as much as I do?

Secondarily, I am love.