Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Scott Stapp is praying for you

This is you: http://www.stryper.com/images/promo-reborn2.jpg

You're the jaunty one with the cocked cap and walmart shades, fancy striped clothes and 80s rocker skinny legs.

I'm the one you're lightly shoulder-touching and I so desperately want to fuck you but I know it's evil and God objects to the touching of men (men, not boy and man as so say the Catholics) so I don't but dear lord, help me but I want to know your too skinny bundt cake.

Also in the news is this story which I have been following very closely and it's entitled: Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro to split.

Suddenly the world doesn't make sense. They were such a good couple, together and if people like them can't make a go of it, what chance we? You and me? And...Dupree?

One funny thing and I mean this. I went to the stryper site and right clickied one of their pics and I was warned about copyright. Stryper, you need the press, babycakes. If someone wants to plaster your stripy mugs about the nets, by all means...let them.

Finally, I've had this on my mind for some time: I never want to win first place at anything. I never want to be the Violent Femmes who are the Beach Boys of some generation x. I want to be the second place or third place fellow whom gets a job in a metal factory after a brief stint with success.

Please ensure that for me because I don't like the Beach Boys and what they've fattened into.

Not one bit.