Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Look at my thumb (and other stupid things I must have said when drunk)

Sorry I've been away so long, I've been designing new message board functionalities for my sight.  My goal is so that we can chat back and forth via message logs.  You can tell me your thoughts and I can respond every time, "Lol.  Your a pretty retard."

So far it's only in analog form.  In this analog version you're saying, "I've found a new mathematical constant...blah blah blah."  It's not very impressive, really.  Bragger.  You are not your deeds, can't you see that?  You mean everything to me.  Let's make love?

So, I had an interesting day.

I had constipation so bad that they needed to hook me up to a Pitocin drip.  No amount of coffee was going to pass that baby through that tender canal.

I also had a nurse practitioner with me.  I wanted a midwife but the insurance wouldn't pay for it, so I settled on conventional Western medicine.

The nurse had me doing all kinds of crazy breathing!  I'll be honest I thought I was going to hyperventilate!  It was that close.  It was touch and go, really.  And by touch and go I mean she touched me down there to see how things were coming along.

At one point she said to me, she said, "We may have to deliver this vaginally."

I was confused but I'll tell you this.  It was on.  FULL POWER!

So, long story, short, but for some slight rectal tearing I'm as good as now.  But you can darn well bet that I'm eating prunes at this very moment!

Have a nice day if you can.