Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Be warned or you'll miss Valentine's day!

Apparently when you say to someone how's it hangin that's sexual harassment and if Steve is behind you with folded arms grinning (grinning folded arms) then it's doubly so.

I seen it in a training and it's true.  And it's really Steve who makes it pervasively-so which is one of the main points of the training if you were paying attention you'd know that.  But you were sleeping because it was boring.  That's why I note this.

And you can't go on with things when someone says, did you want me? (you called for her) and you specifically can't say, I've wanted you since I could first form an erection and last week made a shrine of your pictures on my sex walls and hung them with my dried love and shellacked them with my tears of not having you because you're probably a lesbian.  That's harassment even if it's true.  And it is true.  Fucking lesbian.

Another bit of news, if I may loiter while my query is gathering all of the data in the universe and filling it into a comma delimited file is that I had to poop in the man can today--the one with a direct line into hell (when I saw the devil's claws pulling down the giant clogs that's when I knew that it had a direct line).

The upstairs one is more heavenly.  I fill it and it says, well, all of this? with a smile on the face and an embarrassed grin which says, I may have to send this back to your tile floor but you won't know that until it's too late.

I knew it was going to be a stunner so I sat on the uncomfy hell sender and it was a sight to see, let me assure you.  I'd draw you a picture but I'm out of my brown and red and black and jaundice color crayons and even dry erase markers for my whiteboard.  The beagle ate them and she eats so much more than that.