Friday, October 19, 2007

I have a precious pouch of jesus in my pocket and you can have the very first bite!

My head has been so fuzzy on the inside for about at least 2 weeks now, possibly much longer.  I wonder if i have aids or her sister hiv.

What's the symptoms of aids?  Does anyone know?  It's probly fuzzy thoughts.  I catch everything.

Is it fuzzy thoughts?  If it is then I have some.  Have the bad kind, apparently.

I wish I knew someone with aids.  I could ask them if they have fuzzy thoughts and in that way, using logic I could ascertain the truth about my recent downturn in health.

I wouldn't say, Does aids give you fuzzy thoughts.  I'd be more sly.  More like, Boy, sure have been sleeping with a lot of men, lately.  These damn fuzzy thoughts.

Well, bad news.  I found out that one of my personalities was having an affair with my wife.  Just found that out, he wrote me a note that said, I'm totally doing your wife and she loves it.

I thought about getting a divorce.  I can't believe my wife would stoop so low as to go with that one of all of them.  Not that one.

A certain trust has been broken.  I know you've been cheated on before.  Plenty.  So you should know exactly how it feels and I'll bet you do.

Then I had a plan to save the sharks.  We kill all the chickens, make a huge cube of chicken cubes (used for soups and such) and drop the cube in the ocean which then becomes a giant chicken broth and the sharks can just drink the broth.  And then the sharks are saved and I win a Nobel peace prize (which they seem to give for any reason not just being peaceful or doing peace which is confusing but the million dollars is nice).

That should work.