Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If you were on Love Boat you would be Gopher

I think that it would be quite some thing if when you had your vasectomy which you're going to be getting soon that if the doctor then filled it full of diamonds and then sewed it shut.

Then you'd have a scrote packed full of diamonds and when you walked around and stood akimbo you could say to the boys all about the advantages of having a scrote full of diamonds.

But then again, the bad side of all of this is that you have a scrote full of diamonds and those diamonds can be very sharp.

It really made me think, "Is it a good idea, this scrote full of diamonds idea?"

In a way it is but in the way that they would all rub up against the testes and probably cut or bruise or injure such fine, sensitive things made me finally fall down on the, "This scrote full of diamonds idea is probably an average to perhaps a very bad idea in spite of all the diamonds in your scrote which seems like a pretty good on face value."


I was stricken with an even better follow-up idea about diamonds in your scrote and that is that the diamonds are very tiny, maybe like less than a karat or so and that sometimes they float out of your vessicals which get severed in the snippy process.

Then you can say to the ladies, perhaps if you gave me a fine bj you'd get a mouth full of diamonds and then in that way, you get a free bj (except technically you're paying in tiny diamonds) and she gets bling teeth.

And what lady don't want bling teeth?