Tuesday, September 25, 2007

.ru = pron

I sometimes think that if you were inclined to make do with a tree in the robust times of life then who am I to say a thing to you, give a tree a romp and I won't be the one to cry foul.

But be warned, there are some who would vouchsafe intervene between you and an idle passion and chop down the very tree of your desire and then you shall be a man without a cunt tree.

I'm sorry for that terrible montage.  

I wasn't going to say nothing at all but Amajinajad drew me out of my silence.

We have so much in common, him and me and I wish that we could find a stable ground on all of our affairs.

He and me both agree about the Jew situation and also about they gays and all manner of things that the damn liberals scoff at and we know to be true in our hearts and in the eyes of Jesus and his best friend the Holy Ghost who can transfigure at will and become invisible and also has a sometimes-death-ray.

Anyway, what I grow to wonder is when we will both agree on the nuking of all of the Arabs back into a fine sheet of glass (this would also include the Jews which is a double benefit but not the Indians because I fear the Indian Navy and the blue god with 8 arms and pointed teeth).

Anyway, Amajinajad, if you can have a conference in Homaha...if you have time in your busy schedule... I can make you some fine rice cakes and tea and we can sit and watch my pron collection and tell stories of great historical hoaxes and baseball and try to get to the page between us.


Your friend,