Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's a beautiful day for a bus trip to England

I've revoked your access key because you broke the End User License Agreement (eula).

I'm afraid you've whored it all up and I can't even get it to boot anymore or do any of the things which it used to do so well and I can't believe you clicked Accept when you didn't mean to Accept the eula in the first place and instead replace our trust agreement with dirty deceit.

I've revoked your access key and now you have nowhere to do the things you need to do and I'm sorry but it was your folly which brought down the revocation of everything.

I may not even go to your wedding or bring you a wedding gift because of the eula situation.  I may not even show up to eat the free chicken pasta you're providing for 12 dollars a person.  

Unless there's an open bar.