Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'll bet I'm taller than you.

I have prayed that the Utah Jazz would win their game and they have won and what more proof do you need that there is a God? The one Xian God with sideburns and a hooka!

On other news, I have invented a tool which will stop you from looking at cleavage.

You should not be looking at the split of the rack, in fact, it should not even be showing at all. That's devil's play that thin line in the fleshy sand.

The invention is a set of glasses with needles that go where the eyes normally go.

Does it work, though?

Oh, yes.

It works!

Thank me later, ladies.

Finally, I think that another better option for Carbonite is Shea butter.

It not only would be very good for encasing but when you finally came out you would smell good, be refreshed and your skin would be vital.

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