Monday, April 16, 2007

Pooping in a bag would suck

I imagine whenever Darth Vader says that so-and-so seems gay all the people laugh behind his back.

I like to think in my brain that they refer to Darth's intuition as the Vaydar Gaydar and then they giggle, as I giggle among them but they would never say that to Darth's face because he would choke them with the force.

Especially Grand Moff Tarkin.

That's the gayest name in the Degobah System--even after the destruction of Tatooine.

What kind of mother names the son Grand Moff?

That's right. One who wants to turn her son gay from the abuses of young youth.

I bet Grand Moff was bullied a lot as a kid. Big Vagina Tarkin. That's a bitter pill to swallow as a young boy, I can imagine.

In a way he kind of deserved it for having such an unfortunate name.

In a way and really?

In every way.

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