Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm saving your refuse in buckets and selling your bits to pawn shops for cheap

If I were a veterinarian I would not be a vegetarian because animals can totally sense weakness.

The first thing that would happen is that a Dog of Merit would come in and give a sniff and would give a Growls of Warning which a regular meat eater would sense and would jump back and call out, "Nurse, this one intends damage to my system clock. Cuff him or club him with a spiked sword."

That very sense of the "bite" or "kill instinct" is repressed in the "vegetarian" and they don't hear that low growl range and then the dog bites them into a pita sized meal and begins a bland snack of beta-carotene-rich blood and bone.

That's why they don't have any vets in India. Mortality rate is way too high and too they're cowards.

Plus that's why so many Hindus die from cobras. They don't sense the bite intents. At all.

If America had cobras we'd have them eradicated by now, much like the Buffalo and the Emu and the American brand Indian.

Know why?

Noone bites us like that and gets away with it.


Even if they never technically bit us or we bit them first.


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