Monday, February 19, 2007

Push me up push me down push me push me fucking clown (my dad paid good money for this you better get your shit straight)

So...I guess Anna Nicole Smith case you hadn't heard.

In a way, I've just realized one of your dreams for you--that of inventing an idea which will fire the imagination of the entire US of A and the significant parts of Eurasia.

The idea is not so much an invention, per se, but a revolution of perspective which is this:

Why don't we all start calling the vagina the penis-warmer?

If you think about it, the term penis warmer has a much broader appeal than vagina and it also has the side-effect of luring the gays in, as well.

What man in his right mind could resist a penis-warmer? I would order three if I didn't want to get the aids again!


Plus it will keep the lesbians away because they'll be all...ewwww, penis, NO THANK YOU! We choose a different lifestyle from now on!

So there you go. Take my idea and eat of it like the flesh of Christ and become rich and fat and happy.

Or at least fat (which is easier than rich and/or happy).

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