Tuesday, January 30, 2007

this was yesterday but work has thwarted me infinite

I wish you'd tell me all of your dreams of what you'd like to do when you're rich because I'm making a list of things that people dream about for when I get rich.

Phase 2 of the plan of mine is to get rich. Maybe I'll do like Rainman and get me an undiscovered retard brother who can play blackjack very well. This phase is basically undefined. But it's an important part of the plan because phase 3 is where things begin to take flight.

Phase 3 after I somehow gets rich as shits is when I start living your dreams and sending you postcards about how good I have it and how you were right that it really is fun to backpack across England, even though we both know that it's a shit idea and it always rains in England even southern England. Even there.

So get me your lists, please.