Friday, January 12, 2007

Some decisions must be made

You're going to die in 8 years from this very day. I had a vision that it would be from cancer but it could be by me making sure the prophecy comes through. Please email me with your address in case I need it. If you die before that...kinda let me know so I can manage my lists...

Now I know you just got some bad news so I need you to shake that off and really focus on this next part which is more important than the first part. Always the second is better than the first, it has been said.

The Stargate program, as you know, is real and the documentary appears on sci-fi. This is not news as I've told you before and you reacted with open arms and protestations and requests of tell me more, which I did not give because it's top secret.

What I can now tell you that you didn't know before is that I program "the gate" and also go on some of the lesser adventures like to world PK421B and the small ones.

I have a minor crush on general Hammond as i feel he does on me but we don't share it or reveal it (but I've seen him looking at me (and I don't say platonical (full-on carnal))).

If anything does happen between us, of course, I'll prefer to be the masculine force in the top secret relationship because he is always giving orders and just wants to feel pretty sometime.

He hasn't said such things but you can tell when he sighs that he just feels it, ya know?



It can be so hard when you're always bossing around and when you get home you just want to strip down to the thong and let people tell you how nice you look.