Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Move your car. It's blocking.

So I understand Saddam got the long neck of justice.

It's about time, you ask me.

I hear all these left wingers crying about it.

Boo hoo, they say.

Boo hoo death penalty, yadda yadda.

Why don't we hook him up to babysit your kids, liberals? How would that be? Old Uncle Saddam here to push Nickey in the swing? Change Lou-Lou's diaper? Read Johnny a bedtime story? How's that sound? How does it sound that we bring in his good friend Adolf Hitler to come along and keep him company while he watches your kids? Sound OK, Lefty?

No, it sounds like a shit idea. Because it is. Because he was a monster and you're a sad sick weirdo who thinks that our rights should be sublimated by the rights of people like insane maniacs.

This is what I want you to do. I want you to reach out and feel my flexing certainty.

Touch it.

See how good it feels? See how right it feels? Because it is right. I'm sure it's right.

Now rub it a little.



Nevermind. You ruined it.

Leave it to a liberal to deliver a buzzkill.