Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i'll eat fish for dinner, you see if i don't

I'm thinking of changing my name from a Blog Ho to the Blog Ho. I've been reading some self-esteem books and I just think it might be a positive change for me to, you know, increase my standing in the world.

At first I thought, a Blog Ho of Homaha, but then it dawned on me, why not shoot for the moon, the Blog Ho?

Also, I think if I ever cloned myself the clone would certainly turn out evil.

You never really see a nice clone, which is a shame. It would be nice if you could go up to someone and say, "Louise, have you met my clone, Jerry?"

"Nice to meet you, Louise," says Jerry

"And very good to meet you, Jerry, such a lovely name," says Louise.

"Yes, I wanted to be named the Blog Ho but the real the Blog Ho thought that was a bit too over-possessive, isn't that right, the Blog Ho?" says Jerry.

"Yes, quite right, Jerry. You see, Louise, I didn't want him to think he could take credit for my wondrous accomplishments. Jerry must pull on the bootstraps as a certain the Blog Ho pulled 8 magnificent times on the straps," says the Blog Ho.

A story like that would marvel A Christmas Carol.

Anyway, if it's evil (and it will be evil) I'll definitely go for the nuts, which is my only weakness. The only thing is, he'll be expecting that so I'll do a concert move of a fake jab to the eyes (the secondary one true weakness) and then a quick chop to the nuts.

You should practice this move in case Jerry gets past me because you never know when he'll come after you.

I mean, he probly will just sit around and drink and play video games.

But if the power goes out and he runs out of booze?