Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We're out of beta! Huzzah!

I have some good news for the eyebrow manufacturers, I've developed a brand new right eyebrow for your older but classy (cancer) selection. As usual, I'll knit them from downy back hair. Call me if you want the left one. You have the number.

Here's another picture I drew. I had other stuff but it was ugly and I hated it.

This is a picture of a cat who can't learn to catch mice. A pig is there, as well. You can tell by its tail. That mouse thinks he's so great. I'd like to hit him with a hammer.

Here's an ascii picture of what I expect for Xmas (it's a boat trip to the Bahamas but without the boat and without the Bahamas and you just giving me the 2k) (the c's represent waves and the dots represent how many times you vomit on cruise ships when you get the noro):

.. .c.. .. c.. ..c.c.. c
cc.. .c. c.c.c.. .cc.c
.c. .cc. .c. .cc.

(Let me just add a few more dots...)..


There. Frame it.