Wednesday, November 29, 2006

tickle your ass with a feather

I'm pretty sure there are only about a hundred thousand people in the world.

Mostly this is accomplished easily because when I go to work it's mostly the same people that are usually there except when layoffs happen.

When I go to football games and such then people use cardboard to represent other people, this much is clear.

Obviously someone plays George Clooney and he does it very well.

I'm not as taken by the fellow who plays all of the Carradines, though.  On the one hand it makes sense that there's just one guy playing the role of several bad actors and it also kinda makes sense that you don't see them all together in one room but I feel sorry for the guy who has to do that stuff because it's clearly affecting his role as an actor.

The woman who plays my wife is beginning to wonder if I'm on to the little plan.  I caught her reading a script about how she was supposed to pick a fight with me the other night about how I don't do my fair share of the work around here.

Of course most of the people live in and around Omaha.  Except when I travel, then it's a chaotic burst of everyone traveling so that they can set the scene in LA or some of the fine places I go.

There is no traffic in Los Angeles as long as I'm in Nebraska and you have me to thank for that.

Since there are only about 100k people, I know the million man march never quite got to a million people.  Plus most of the 100k are white.  There aren't that many black fellas that I know so the number can be quite low.  Nowhere near a million.

Cows are real, though.  Can't train a cow to act.

So far the play has been pretty good, my compliments to the chef.  My only request would be smaller hangovers and less work, if such a request can be granted.

If not, that's ok, too.