Monday, November 27, 2006

There's one! Set for stun!

Good news, the Africa trip was a super success and they have agreed to really try and not be so dooshy in the future (no more wars, no more monkey sex, no more coke bottle movies and no more Crocodile Dundee sequels (on this I was firm)--those were the main items on the agenda).

The most poignant movie of the season was just viewed by me over this long holiday period and that movie was Legally Blonde.

I laughed, I cried...and that boyfriend of hers?  Total asshole.  What did she ever see in him, anyway, ya know?  LOL>

And she really made some good friends like that one brown haired girl and also that one blonde girl who did her nails?  Remember her?  The one she taught how to get a man and rescuted her dog by using the various large legal words from her fancy Harvard eductation?  Remember?  That scene gave me the goosepimples all up and down my front arms and legs!  LOL!

Also, guess what...Beach Boy Xmas music should be "banned for life."


I'm sick of that shit.

I'd really rather have my pee hole gored out by a spike-tongued gorgon than have to listen one more time to that fucking Brian Wilson (I wish he'd gone nuts well before he decided to go Yuletide).