Friday, November 10, 2006

Vote, vote, vote for my scrote for el presidente!

The most wonderful news, everyone!  I have totally offset your vote today when I went into the closed curtain of justice and voted scratch Republican!

Say goodbye to your abortions you sick liberal Democraps!  Starbucks is next!  Starbucks is next!  Do you hear me Starbucks?  You liberal bastion of liberalism?  You're next.

And guess what else?  I got pretzels today instead of the preferred chile covered Fritos.  Guess whose fault that is?  Bill Clinton's.

And guess what else?  There was one seat where a Democrap was running unopposed.  Guess whom I wrote in?  That's right, Our Savior Jesus H. Christ for County Assessor.

He'd do a good job.

Once you trained him in modern day Economics and how to assess shit.