Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A fish that tastes like vomit is a bad invention, Albert Einstein

I wonder if you could help me out a bit.  I've been scouring the innernet via the google images for a certain picture and for the very life or for the very soul of me I cannot find what should be so easy to ... find.

Anyway, the picture is like this, I'm picturing of a giant man who has a white t-shirt and maybe it has a logo and maybe it doesn't.  The important thing is that he doesn't have pants on nor underwear nor the socks.  His legs are obviously skinny and one foot is in America and the other fills up the entire little island of Japan.

Of course he's in a full pure squat position and the balls, which are hairless and shaved by a mountain of monkeys... well, one of them (the right pretty ball (or maybe the left, it's late and i'm confused in science)) is sitting on a welcoming cheek of smiling Isreal--also represented on the cheek are the three major exports of Isreal.  

The other and also the gigantic bronze one is covering the snarling face of middle Asia.  You can tell middle Asia would like to bite that glory globe but bronze spheres are tough nuts to crack.

The long tonails of the right food are yellow and long and literally stab the Koreas and the Vietnams (and China but not directly (through N. Korea)).

So if you can find it...please...tell me, my mom wants this picture.