Monday, October 30, 2006

My favorite position is you and me and your checkbook crunching numbers like crazy

Hello, Innernet, I have a few things to say (to and about you).

That binary blouse is very pretty-pretty on you.  Normally I wouldn't say that peach is your color but you made it work.  Probably it works because of the dark blue eyeshadow that I would behind-your-back-say makes you look like a whore (a classy one) but it totally works with the peach.  

The other thing is that no matter how many times you assure yourself that "going as the Axis of Evil for Halloween is gonna get big laughs" you'll be wrong.  I know, confusing.

Apparently people aren't terribly aware of what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks like (or even who he is (even when you wave your arms around and shout out mujahadeen, mujahadeen, it's you and me and my mujahadeen (or even remember what the axis of evil referred to))).  

Much (MUCH) easier to get laughs from dressing up as a redneck chick with fake toofs and stuffing big balloons up your shirt and wearing your wife's old denim mini and daring the boys to give em a good feel.

These are the things we learn and they're painful lessons, but what would Halloween be without a bit of pain and another bad costume that only you get?