Friday, October 06, 2006

i wrote this in snot

I bet the KKK would be really upset if Santa Clause was a black fella.

I bet they'd be so upset that the south would cancel Christmas.

Then Santa would have to send the elves down to rescue it like he did when he made it snow in that hot town.  Remember?

But it would be a sociological solution rather than a weather solution.  He'd send the elves who can work out the issues of xenophobia and racism.  Like Hermie the Dentist but a different misfit elf who preferred shrinking heads to building toys.

Guess what, southern USA, he is black.  Now who's gonna bring you your American flag stickers for your big trucks for Xmas?  Not me.

Guess where he gets his toys?  He steals them from Wal Mart.

BAM!  Take that political correct!

Ok, I made that up.  He still has elves.  They make toys, it's like you heard growing up except Santa is black.

And Rudolph is a homosexual.  That's different than you heard.  You assumed he was getting it on with Clarise but she's a fag hag.

Fag hag is gay terminology for what Clarise was.  Look it up on the wiki.  She's listed there as a famous fag hag.

Anything else you wanted to know?