Wednesday, October 04, 2006

zip zip and here i rip

When you have stared death in the very maw, as I have done recently from my pus incident ... that sort of event will make most men evaluate their lives, come to new decisions, accept God, etc.

I am no different a man than the one I have prior described and I say to you that my plans for the vagina themed theme-park will commence this very day.

First things, first, right?  A name:  poontang park.  I know it's vulgar but I cannot be but pleased as punch at the two p's pushing against each other in that phrase:  poontang park.

The first ride will be a labial bobsled that explores the soft lippy portions of the glorious theme, but not into the scary, briny, deep (that will be a later ride).  Just a car running along flesh colored tracks at high speed with only fleshy colored scenery and a tangy scent wafting in the air.

Of course the cars will be cunt cars.  I cannot help that.  That is the way it must be.  Jesus would have wanted it that way, as well.  The two c's smashing against one another like the above p's is something I cannot resist.

As a final consideration I need models upon which to base my designs.

Forward your resume to my agent.