Thursday, September 21, 2006

And I won't poop on your house, either.

I dropped out of high school, I just couldn't fucking stand that bag--I needed to explore the real world, ya know?  Not some stodgy-ass books and shit.  Ok, that was a lie.  I was valedictorian and my speech went on for several hours and my mom said it was the best she ever heard.  And she was right.

Plus, if everyone pitches in 5 thousand dollars a piece to buy me the power of flight I'll pay your mortgages forever and I won't fly away when you come to me asking why I ain't paid your mortgage this month.  That's a solemn vow.

As the final thought I have had in this year I must admit that I have a new invention up my sleeve.  A good one.

This invention will condense all of the five days of the work week into one really bad day.  So you have one super shitty day, then the weekend.  Repeat this until you die!

I mean, people will yell at you and you'll cry and you'll miss deadlines but tomorrow is Saturday.