Monday, September 18, 2006

Sniff, sniff, it's a heart attack!

I'm not really sure what the Pope said about the Muslims, but he's right, it is about time we restart the crusades and bring those Muslim dogs to their knees and force them to accept Jesus Christ as their one true God, am I right?  Pope says I am.  He has a one way channel right up to space, too.  

Plus the Jews.  They're close, but not close enough for me.  For us, really.  You and me and your cousin with the guns.  Crazy Larry who just says he hunts but you know he has the love of blood in him.

Then might as well get the Indians.  Crazy fucking indians.  What are they thinking?  They're about plus five thousand too many gods.

Then the Chinaman.  First we convert him to Theism from pesky Atheism...THEN...Catholicism.  Two step process for the Asians.

Anyway...Anne Coulter and I don't think he should apologize, do you?  Be honest, we won't persecute you.