Thursday, August 31, 2006

Crispy Creme is false. If you follow it you will die.

Anne Coulter and I have made an incredible discovery.

We have discovered a cure for the pandemic bird plague which has been happening in Asia and on CNN.

What we did was realized that pi * cr^2 was something and then that anything to the 0 power was another rule and we took those rules and defined an academic truth upon which we built a serum that would fight tooth decay and solve bird flu.

Bad news, though.

You have to take the serum in an aborted fetus or it won't work.

Something about science needing to destroy morality or something.  Anne was going on about it but I wasn't really listning.

I was frying fetuses.

Anne likes hers with mango salsa.

I like mine raw.  Like a little oyster.