Friday, August 25, 2006

Remember when I took your you cried? And then I gave them back broken? I'm sorry for this.

Last night I astral projected to your house and tried on all your underwear.  Even the ones in the dirty hamper and strewn about the laundry baskets.

Good news, they were a perfect fit.  We may now share underwear to economize our situations.

One interesting thing I've been keeping to myself instead of telling everyone is that the vagina is a self-inflicted wound.

I have been studying the evidence and it starts out in the utero.  All have penises but the scratching at the perineum causes a fissure and then the digging to get to the ovaries causes enlargement of the fissure.

I have told the sex ed department about this and it will go into the curriculum any day now.

The ovaries are just magical it seems and they can cause you to dig with the nails to get to them.

It need not be said that the reason periods happen is from the opening of old tears in the scarred walls.

But I said it anyway because it's an image that I have to say or it won't leave.