Friday, August 11, 2006

In a thousand years I'll be thiiiiiiis many

You'll recognize this as Jesus (my constant companion).

You'll be seeing him soon.

If you're not a Christian this will be very bad news for you because Jesus carries a gun under his robes and will pop caps in your sorry Hindo ass.

He lives in my scanner and helps process the colors in the correct RGB format (he uses his own blood for Red) because it's very complex.

I'm not supposed to tell you this, but he said crucifixion wasn't so bad. He laughs and says that the days in the desert without food and water and the company of Satan was a lot worse and that St. Matthew blew it out of proportion but he didn't want to say anything on account of how humble he is.

He's a Capricorn but wishes he could be a Taurus cause he likes bulls so much but he doesn't control that aspect of the universe. That's an aspect of one of the seven remaining mysteries that not even Science can crack.

He has hands. Just can't see em. He's jealous about showing his hands to many people.

We are praying for you, him and me. Especially him.