Friday, July 28, 2006

This many wide is wide enough for you

Well, good news. Wrote a new song that I want QOTSA to sing. Them or the Jovester. Either way.

Bill Clinton called and said that he had a song idea and he really wrote most of it, but I added my few thoughts, so thanks, Bill Clinton.

If QOTSA won't record it, you should. I'll give you at least seven dollars if I make at least 8 thousand off of it. That seems fair.

hamburger hero
bulgy brown tunic
you have a morning star
you fight the crocodiles

In the park by a shade tree
you wear your armor
you fight a minotaur
he has a battle axe

His name is Peter
He runs the laundromat
You know him pretty good
He is your enemy

Then there comes Julie
Engineer half-elf
she wears her chain mail
made out of styrofoam

She casts the fireballs
Invisible fireballs
They burn the minotaur
Invisible fire

Hamburger hero
You drive a minivan
Listen to Journey
Pretty good at the numchucks.