Monday, July 24, 2006

Spellcheck this and get it out, STAT

I think that the biggest problem with the innernet recently is that I am not on the wikipedia.

I have to ask myself, "Why am I not a bigger part of the wiki community? Why am I not an article on the wiki with a robust discussion about vaginas etc on the discussion tab where people are calling each other assholes and demanding cites and pictures of me in the wild with my vodka and sweet, gray shades and hook hands. And hook hands?"

I saw on there the other day as I was reading it for accuracy that one Huchins guy whom abused himself unto death has a wiki. I suppose if that's what it takes I could abuse myself with a towel and a jar of hand cleaner.

Just let me know. I'd have to settle accounts and things if it can be arranged. Buy some towels and such. I'd use probly a pink one because that reminds me of heaven. And some anti-bacterial soap. For the germs and the dirt that touching brings.

I mean, I was hoping to go out via the shiv wound in a bar at the hand of an angry husband.

But for the wiki... I could do the Huchins for the wiki.