Sunday, July 23, 2006

My favorite letter is the one after Omega. Zomega. LOL.

A lot of people say that President Bush is very dumb and not doing a super job running things and I must say that I stand against these people as does the dam stand against the very weight of the cubic waters.

In fact, let me say that it is wise and also very humorous and reminds me of a favorite story of mine from the only thing I ever read, the Sunday funnies.

Remember when Marmaduke's neighbors had house guests and the guests came over and broke up Marmaduke's house and made a kindling out of it and then sang around the fire and then left early in the morning?

Marmaduke was so sad. I remember seeing his big, cute face, tears streaming from the brown, soggy eyes. I CRIED FOR HIM, THAT DAY! And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

For a week I had to wait for the next installment and let me tell you that was one long week.

Then remember how the entire neighborhood came and said to Marmaduke, we are all feeling very bad for you. A terrible thing was done, Marmaduke. Our hearts go out to you and that neighbor of yours should be ashamed.

Marmaduke, if you will recall, said nothing but there was a look on his face which resembled a firm, manly resolve.

Another long week.

Finally, remember how Marmaduke burned down the neighborhood to show them that we don't burn down Marmaduke's house? And they were angry and yelling but Marmaduke went to Crawford, Texas to hunt and fish and he was so happy.

So anyway, let me stand as does the rock under the weight of the mighty boot of scorn and be one of your few lone uncritics, Mr. Bush. If you ever need a place to stay in Omaha, you just tell me. My bed is your bed.

This is me:

Happy Sunday Afternoon. Take a bath to wash your sins.