Friday, July 21, 2006

Dirty work is what your work is but mine is clean

I think that when you consider a big fight between Count Chocula and Frankenberry it's very evident from the get-go that Frankenberry would crush the Count just like Andre the Giant would totally take the Baron von Rushdie. Von Rushdie couldn't even get Andre's head in The Claw even if he went into the angry claw goose-step mode which he was so famous for, right? It's laughable.

As much as I think we are in agreement about The Claw and the Frankenberry sitchy I think you can quickly turn the tables when you ask yourself, "What about the rap wars?" Certainly a lot of people read rape wars, and that's a normal Freuding thing to read which means that you're secretly a pervert. Your ego and your ID are all wrestling in the dark clost of your stinky brain and the ID is probly winning. ID's greased up, well toned, muscular-shaven-body is no match for hairy ego.

Anyway, then we have to move our money onto the Count because he's the black one.

I'm not saying that black cereals are better at rap than pretty, fleshy, pink ones (but they are).