Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The hard goals that we cannot reach should be redesigned

I have been struck with some higher power thought over the night and I believe I know how to get on the wiki.

I was over there reading about the Ricky Martin--formerly of that band named after pig gut soup which the Jews and the Muslims would not be able to eat no matter how delicious--and the wiki debate on the discussions tab relating to whether he's gay, (he is) and it was then that it struck me.

The problem with the wiki is you have to do something very nice to get on it. Be a star, strangle yourself whilst pulling evil, etc. I have neither the talent nor the temperment to ever reach that level of goodness and I know this. The only thing remaining to do to get the wiki under my belt is to actually get a job. Work for the wiki. Fetch the ones whom write coffee and when they say, we need proof that Ricky is gay then I solemnly nod my head and say, "Yes, proof. Just by looking at him and how well he dances is no way to form that sort of gay v non-gay opinion. I mean, look at that Elton John fellow. You'd never know unless he said something, right?"

So I've drawn up a powerpoint presentation and detailed it with next best steps and such and the next best step is to find the one who does the wiki and start the terrible ass kissing.

ps, thanks be to Indigo for the picture of me in leotards.