Thursday, August 03, 2006

Udder Chaos

While I was away, I spent time in the park taking in the flowers and just really digging nature as all modern, sensitive men will do.

While I was there I saw these two kids teetering on a teeter totter.

One was a Muslim and I'll be damned if one was a Jew. There they were, just tottering and I said to myself, I, as a representative of the United States of America (may these colors never bleed nor run nor fade) should go over to these two young lads and commend them.

It's really a demonstration of how foolish all this Jew war is in the middle east betwixt the arabs and jews.

So I get over there and just as I'm about to launch into my well done speech I kick the Arab kid off the teeter totter right when he's about to kick his way up. Obviously, the Jew kid falls and starts to cry, not so much from the pain but from the shock of the fall.

I immediately called out, "Did you see what this Muslim done to the Jew boy? Made him fall off the teets and made him cry."

Then I kicked the little Arab boy a little.

His parents were upset but we sent them to Guantanamo bay to think about things for a bit. A cooling down time as I like to think of it.

So anyway, I think we all learned a little from me going to the park.